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Eraven Campaign

Eraven is a 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons campaign run by me, Stolph. It is a sister campaign of Krythar, run by my brother Blackrook. Eraven and Krythar are two different continents on the same world, Erona, which is one of several moons around the planet Nevea. I use most of the same gods. And the histories are intertwined.

Eraven has a native population of human barbarian tribes, as well as many large orc tribes. Eraven was colonized by various kingdoms of Krythar during the terrible War of Erbalt. The Kingdom of Umerus and its surroundings are where the current batch of PCs are adventuring.



  1. I've been DM'ing a new set of players in Eraven since 2008. Will update site sometime in future.


Major Overhaul of Site.

  1. Places is now organized a lot differently with scanned in maps, many of which have one or more hot spots.
  2. Reorganized Adventures so that each adventure is its own page, with links to the logs for each adventure (many sessions are still not logged).
  3. Some new logs of adventures added since last time include:
    1. On the Lam
    2. Zombie Island, Part II
    3. Esterkan's House
    4. Chug Go Home
  4. Added a Dreams and Prophesies Page
  5. Updated Character and Factions pages with hyperlinks in descriptions.
  6. Changed font from "Microsoft Comic Sans" to "Papyrus" on most of pages.


  1. Added a new log, Zombie Island, Part I, which covers four sessions of play.
  2. Created a Zombie Island page under Places
  3. Added entry for Duchy of Chedriwyr in Places
  4. Added Desmus, Zia, Kiaj and Lara, Ibedrider, Thiliron, Eowel, Siewyr, Onealin, Elrik, Zoanad, Sarelith, Eralel, and Gledrip the 3rd to the Characters page, and updated many more entries.
  5. Added Jack of Spades to the Factions page.


  1. Added two new logs, including the adventure that started it all! "All Aboard!" and "Journal of Chug." See the Adventures page for other adventures.
  2. Updated the Invidia page. Added several locations to the map (16-27).


  1. Added one new log, called "Betrayed by Bulacan", whose link can be found on the Adventures page.


  1. Added 6 new logs to the Adventures Page: "Alejandro van Gogh", "Return to Invidia", "Masters of the Wood", "Honed Skills and Inopportune Spills", "To the Honorable Khal", and "Chug Arrives!".


  1. Redid the format of the Adventures Page and added several new logs: "Guardian Angel", "Gledrip IV", "Trysts and Trumps", and "The Rogue Spies while the Bard is Wise". Added 8 new adventures (groups of sessions): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, and 11. Also added the transcript name next to each log, whether the log is written or missing - this will help me send the right logs when you guys want to log old sessions.
  2. Redid the Invidia Page to use a clickable thumbnail of the city map.
  3. Added 4 more entries to the map key on the Invidia Page.
  4. Added Nelathia, Sigoder, King Thorerd, Virien, Vorina, Wizik, and Yasmas to the Characters Page. Modified entries for several others.
  5. Added Queen's Guard and Royal Guard to the Factions Page.
  6. Redid the Caves of Tamal Page to show clickable thumbnails of the inside photos and the battle maps. 
  7. Redid rules for raising levels (to what you already understand them to be).


Added a map of Invidia, gotten to by clicking on "Places", then "Invidia".

Split the Characters and Factions page to two different pages, both of which can be accessed from the Home page. Added many people to the Characters page.

Added a Caves of Tamal Page, gotten to by clicking on "Places", then "Badlands", then "Caves of Tamal". This page includes maps and photos of portions of the caves.

Added a new log, "Saved by Water". Click on "Adventures" to get there.


Right now, Khal and Alejandro are helping out the Mercati, whose base is being attacked by Baron Imoldo, the Gralim Orc Tribe, the Impuniti, and the Roamers. Four new logs have been posted to the Adventures section.

I also gave a description of "The Pit" in Invidia, where Khal and Alejandro were almost fed to the lions. 

Coming soon is a map of Invidia. As with all posted information, only what the characters know of Invidia will be included.


Well, I'm about to go pick up the Mrs. and the baby at the airport. My 3 days of fun are over! We played last night for about 3 hours.

I added a page on special rules to my campaign. Ones that aren't covered or are left up to the DM. See the "Rules" link at the top of the page.


Added lots of cool new things to the site. 

First of all, check out the "Places" link - there is much new information here, including pages on Arindel and Invidia. The Badlands now have their own page.

Also, to the "Adventures" link, I added Chapter 2 of Khal and Nystral's adventure in the Dragon's Cave.


Reorganized a bit. There is now a page called Adventures with links to logs of adventures in my campaign. Right now, only one has been logged and posted.


Check out the Characters and Factions page. There have been many new additions and some modifications since the 28th. Best to just read it all over again. There are many more NPCs than the ones listed on this page, and unrevealed details about the ones listed.

Which reminds me of my disclaimers:

  1. The information on these pages reflects what the PCs know. Either they have learned it directly through play, or it is of such a general nature that anyone living in or around Umerus would automatically know it. There is much more to learn about my campaign. But I prefer that it be learned through play. After all, exploration is half the fun!
  2. Some information may be inaccurate.


Totally revamped website to have a navigation bar at the top. Added a Characters and Factions page with links to the PC's backgrounds. Added a page with material related to the Dragon's Cave, a dungeon that the PCs are currently exploring.

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